Patriot K9s of Wisconsin

Patriot K9s of Wisconsin proudly provides training for U.S. Military Veterans and Shelter Dogs working together to combat the effects of  PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Military Sexual Incident (MSI).

Ready for change. Ready for growth. Ready to reclaim their lives.

The veterans who come to us and participate in our service dog training program have taken the first step and gotten to a place in their lives that they are ready – ready for change, ready for growth, ready to reclaim their lives. Along the journey, they become part of the Patriot K9s family for life. Most will return repeatedly in some form, to volunteer themselves, giving back so that others may receive the same opportunities and a chance for a better life that they themselves now have

What Veterans Receive

At NO CHARGE- Veterans accepted into the program will be provided:

  • Dog ( if veteran does not have a socially appropriate dog already)
  • Service Vest
  • Dog ID
  • Certification Record
  • All Necessary Equipment
  • 22 week complete training program

We’ve Got Your Back!

  • Our veterans are welcomed into a comfortable, family type environment .
  • Our classes are built around openness and communication, We use small group settings in a safe environment
  • Our training is a family friendly environment and we learn to support each others strengths, weaknesses & limitations.
  • Our program is approximately 6 months in length and broken into different phases.
  • We work together on becoming contributing members of society again while learning the life skills necessary for integration into society.
  • Vets and their service dogs are able to come back to the organization for a lifetime for training brush-up’s,  camaraderie, and just to say “Hi!”
  • Most of all, we look forward to helping our veterans become part of the answer!


Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Patriot K9s of Wisconsin’s mission is to train both veterans and a shelter dogs together, creating the highest quality Service Dog at no cost to qualified, disabled veterans suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Military Sexual Incident (MSI).

Our Goal:

Empowering both veterans and shelter dogs with the ability to return together, as a team, to an independent, normal civilian life. Our organizational goal is to build open partnerships and support with local, state and national organizations devoted to such missions.

Classes and Training

We conduct our class sessions based around training in small groups providing an open communicative environment while building and strengthening our bonds and camaraderie. Our support continues long after the classes are finished.

Classes meet once a week ( same day and time) for 22 consecutive weeks (minus holidays) and are approximately 1 1/2 hours long.

While learning to manage their disability, training and working with their canine partner, practicing life skills & remaining a productive member of society, veterans are building emotional bonds in a protected family type environment.

Maintaining and developing continued growth and progress, PK9s holds frequent social gatherings and community events, keeping our veterans and their service dogs active in their communities.

News and Events

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We are now accepting applications! - Saturday, November 11th , 2017 on a First Come Basis. We expect to receive a large amount of initial applicants. We are dedicated to giving every applicant our full attention and we will respond to each applicant individually as soon as we are able. Thank you for your understanding.

Corporate Sponsors

We are looking for corporate sponsors. If you are interested please contact us.